Our Perfumer Won A Golden Pear

Our Perfumer Won A Golden Pear

Boujee Bougies perfumer Pia Long was given the Septimus Piesse Award for Exceptional Vision this month at the glittery Institute for Art and Olfaction ceremony in Lisbon. During this 10th edition of the awards, known also as the Golden Pears, our perfumer Pia was surprised with this incredible honour. 

This is what the Institute had to say:

“The Septimus Piesse Visionary Award is given to an outstanding person or group showing proof of exceptional vision with regards to how scent is used, developed, or imagined.

Congratulations to Pia Long! Pia is a champion of nuance and understanding, and committed to shining a light on how perfume is created. In response to the proposed EU regulation, she rallied perfumers around the world to champion our craft and self-guidance, with a victory in furthering the discussion around regulations between perfumers and policymakers.

As a perfumer, member of IFRA, International Society of Perfumer-Creators, and the British Society of Perfumers, Pia is a committed advocate for fragrance creators, and continues to work in the heart of an international community to advocate for nuanced understanding of perfumery.“

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