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On our perfumes...

The perfumer for the Eau de Boujee range was Pia Long, and I have been saying for a while that Pia is a name to watch in this industry. I see nothing in the Eau de Boujee scents which would make me doubt that. These are real fragrances, fully conceived and executed, they’re a little bit wild, full of energy, and robust in their construction. The scents are technicolour scents rather than pastel shades, and they will appeal to those who want something new, something funky, and something both wearable and distinct.” The Sniff

“I can understand why everyone is going mad for Gilded. It smells like early niche, those gorgeous, mind-blowing, quilted layers of a richly furnished middle eastern dream.”  Undina

“Gilded, the story of golden light in a celestial temple, builds on Gilt’s incense-heavy focus with frankincense and labdanum but throws in some buttery suede notes and warm saffron. Quir conjures up a world of leather and pleasure, in the same manner as Cuir Culture, but goes for a more smokey interpretation with tobacco absolute, softening its sensual strike with Cashmeran, Amber Xtreme, and rose absolute. If Cuir Culture is the BDSM dungeon, Quir is the 1920s speakeasy above it.” BeautyMatter

On our candles...

The Independent

“This maverick candle brand has a professional perfumer and fragrance expert at the helm, so you know the resulting scents are going to be pretty special. And this one [Succulent] certainly was – the perfume equivalent of walking into one of those lovely garden shops”

Reader’s Digest

“Fed up of candles which smell divine the first time they're lit, only to lose their scent within their first burning? Boujee Bougies is your answer. Their deliciously-scented candles retain the strength of their calming smell from the first light to the last flicker of their wicks.”

Caroline Hirons

“A range of beautiful, unique candles that are genuinely different and weird and fun and luxury and lush…[Queen Jam] is actually my favourite one. It smells like someone made sweet jam in a florist that was full to the brim and in full bloom. I love it. LOVE.”

Red Magazine

“We're consistently impressed with the scent throw from BB candles, and this one's no exception. With its woody, smoky vibe paired with luxe gold leaf – this is the one if you want your home to smell expensive.”

Harper’s Bazaar

“The throw of this candle (how well the scent travels into a room) is seriously impressive. You'll feel surrounded by the jubilant scent of roses and sweet berries.”

Good Housekeeping

“Quite literally meaning 'fancy candles’, Boujee Bougies is scent and storytelling at its finest. There are no duds in the range - an impressive, yet unsurprising feat given the BB team are fellow candle obsessives - but we're particularly drawn towards Gilt for the winter months.”


"Turn your living room into a marble floored space complete with silk draperies and ornate carvings with Gilt. Everything from Boujee Bougies have an impressive throw, so expect this candle to go the mile."