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Thorny candle

Thorny candle

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Some roses are embarrassed by their beauty, blushing in fragile shades of pink. Thorny is a different kind of rose – the type that likes to be plucked a bit harder and isn’t ashamed of the velvety petals it wears proudly as neon plumage. Thorny is a rose born from the symbiosis of pain and pleasure. Beastly and beautiful, it lures you in with its euphoric rosiness, then ensnares you with its sharp tendrils, binding you in verdant knots and shrouding you in smoke. Don't be scared though, thorny won't prick you, not unless you want it to.

Scent impressions

An abundance of roses in the most luxurious penthouse you have ever been in

Notes list

Lemon, Green Notes, Rose absolute, Rose oxide, Geranium, Myrrh, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Costus, Cistus, Musk


220g. 50 hour burn time.

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