Get ready for Boujee Bougies!

Get ready for Boujee Bougies!

That's right, we're going global and adding scents to our candle collection: Tart and Thorny. These two new Boujee Bougies candles are gorgeous, if you don't mind us singing our own praises. 

We had specific people in mind when creating these new scents, and cannot WAIT for you to get your noses on them. We're being patient while the new packaging arrives, and the oils are macerating and waiting to be poured. But since we'll be showing them at Esxence Milan 2023 at the Experience Lab, you might hear about them earlier than they're available. So we wanted to give you a heads-up.



What comes to mind when you think of tartness? We wanted to capture that delicious, mouth-watering, and life-affirming taste sensation. Tart is our vivid homage to fresh tarts and invigorating teas  - a feel good tonic with irreverent and unexpected twists. Tart is lush with greenery – cool, refreshing herbal notes of mint and basil - and fizzing with fruitiness – the juicy flesh of green plum and blackcurrant. To make sure it’s zesty, we played with the crisp zing of lemon, rhubarb, and ginger, and served it all over ice with the sweet apricot facets of osmanthus. Tart is vibrant, fun, and uplifting AF.

Notes: Mint, Lemon, Blue Ginger, Cassis, Green Plum, Rhubarb, Basil, Osmanthus, Moss, Musk



Some roses are embarrassed by their beauty, blushing in fragile shades of pink. Thorny is a different kind of rose – the type that likes to be plucked a bit harder and isn’t ashamed of the velvety petals it wears proudly as neon plumage. Thorny is a rose born from the symbiosis of pain and pleasure. Beastly and beautiful, it lures you in with its euphoric rosiness, then ensnares you with its sharp tendrils, binding you in verdant knots and shrouding you in smoke. Don't be scared though, thorny won't prick you, not unless you want it to.

Notes: Lemon, Green Notes, Rose absolute, Rose oxide, Geranium, Myrrh, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Costus, Cistus, Musk


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