what makes us boujee?

What makes us Boujee?

We are not like other candle brands - we are boujee. But what makes us so ritzy, luxurious, flamboyant and fabulous? Well, the answer is simple: we approach the art of candle making from an entirely different perspective, one where the fragrance is King (and sometimes also a Queen) and the candle is a vessel for telling an intriguing olfactory tale. To be boujee is to appreciate the finest of things and to be unafraid to show off a bit – we like showing off, actually, so here are five reasons why our candles are boujee AF.

Unique, Artistic Fragrances

We believe that home fragrance isn’t just a smell for your home, it’s a way of creating a vibe and a mood. Burning a candle is like dressing the set of a movie (just FYI, in this movie you are the star, so you better learn your lines) – it creates an atmosphere and a feeling to compliment the space. Our fragrances are designed to bring something new and exciting to the rooms you inhabit, from tales of apocalyptic flowers to whispered confessions in a gilded church, all to let people know that, above all else, you are boujee. Oh, and to make your home smell amazing too, of course.

Top Notch Quality

Each and every one of our candles is packed with a high percentage of a unique fragrance made with the very best of materials. All of our fragrances are created by our in-house perfumer (no off the shelf fragrances here, thank you very much), in collaboration with our creative director. And because we are extra, they’re all compounded in Grasse, France. We told you we were boujee.

100% Natural Wax

We could wax lyrical about how good our wax is and in fact, we are going to, so get ready to be hit with some wax facts. Our wax is 100% natural and it’s a unique blend of rapeseed, soy and beeswax, which leads to a perfectly clean and wonderfully even burn. You’d expect us to have fancy wax, right? Exactly, we don’t disappoint.

Boujee Packaging

Candles that smell great and are made with a fancy wax blend need to look good, we know that and that’s why we’ve worked really hard to ensure our bougies look boujee. We use black internal coat glass (which looks shiny and sleek) and adorn each with a visually impactful sticker in a colour that reflects the spirit of the fragrance. Each candle is beautifully boxed and features a custom illustration. They look great, if we do say so ourselves.


At Boujee Bougies, we believe that teamwork makes dreamwork, and we’ve pooled together the minds and creative talent of our team members to create a unique and beautiful brand that is unlike any other. As the famous saying goes, many boujee brains are better than one. That’s correct, right? Right!