queen jam mini candle


small but perfectly boujee, our mini scented candles are perfect for travel, or if you want to get a flavour of the full thing - burning for up to 20 hours. 60g.

scent description

queen jam is a Finnish conserve made from raspberries and bilberries. it is divinely delicious and it also has a beautiful name so you probably know where this is going: yes, we made a candle that is just as sticky, juicy, tart and fresh as this decadent treat. our queen jam throws in a few roses (because there are few things greater in life than rose petals swirled together with succulent berries) to make things more luscious and just ever so slightly green. the result is the jammiest candle in the world - the queen of all jams, one could say.

scent impressions

tart berries, purple roses, flashes of green

notes list

bergamot, cassis, bilberry, rose, raspberry leaf, iris, myrrh, patchouli

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