hellflower mini candle


Small but perfectly boujee, our mini scented candles are perfect for travel, or if you want to get a flavour of the full thing - burning for up to 20 hours. 60g.

scent description

When we found a tatty old sci-fi novel called Hellflower, all about a populace addicted to flowers, we thought “this is totally up our street” and just had to create a candle with the same name. The novel was terrible, honestly, but the name was gold - and it’s this symbiosis of the brilliant and the beastly that forms the core of Hellflower. Evoking a magnolia bloom burning with brimstone, Hellflower is a post-apocalyptic floral bursting with the sulphuric brilliance of grapefruit, proving that a touch of the dangerous and the deadly is sometimes needed to enhance beauty. And as far as we’re concerned, if the world ends in an explosion of sparkling flowers, we say bring it on.

scent impressions

sulphur, burning flowers, brimstone

notable ingredients

grapefruit, magnolia, jasmine

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