boujee bougies are here!

We are boujee and because you are here, browsing our page, we have a feeling you might be boujee too.

Boujee Bougies are flamboyant luxury candles for the discerning nose. With high quality, evocative fragrances composed by our in-house perfumer, Boujee Bougies tell exciting stories that bring a new kind of ambience into your home – a luxe vibe and mood. Wherever you burn a Boujee, people will know you are fancy.

We have spent years developing our debut collection of scented candles, working day and night to make sure that they are glitzy AF. That work is now done, and we are super excited to be able to present to you our brand of boujee bougies. Here they are!


Five candles
Two sizes
So much boujee

Our debut collection consists of five unique, transportive scented candles that will whisk you away to a world of fragrant fantasy. Each is available in two sizes (60g and 220g) and features a beautiful, high-quality fragrance composed by our in-house perfumer and compounded in Grasse, France.

We use a luxury blend of wax that is 100% natural and package our candles in striking black, internally coated glass. Attention to detail and flamboyance really is our thing; you may have sensed that.

Let’s meet the scents. Please welcome to the stage:

Cuir Culture: Old books, worn jackets, pup masks.

Cuir Culture is a daring and unashamed celebration of the bold beauty of queerness. In that spirit, our Cuir Culture is unashamedly cuir, with the smell of leather at its most raw and carnal, accented by the dusty sweetness of old books and warm spice.
Animalic notes, leather, cedarwood.

Gilt: whispered confessions, incense smoke, gold leaf.

Gilt is a scent that captures the quiet, contemplative nature of rituals seen through smoke, and a touch of guilt.
Amber, labdanum, aldehydes.

Hellflower: sulphur, burning flowers, brimstone

Hellflower is a post-apocalyptic floral bursting with the sulphuric brilliance of grapefruit, proving that a touch of the dangerous and the deadly is sometimes needed to enhance beauty.
Grapefruit, magnolia, jasmine.

Succulent: houseplants, jungles, joy.

Succulent is our tribute to the noble botanicals that bring beauty and joy to our homes, without any of the hassle of actually growing anything.
Geranium, cactus, tomato leaf.

Queen Jam: tart berries, purple roses, a flash of green.

Queen Jam is a Finnish conserve made from raspberries and bilberries. It is divinely delicious and it also has a beautiful name so you probably know where this is going: yes, we made a candle that is just as sticky, juicy, tart and fresh as this decadent treat.
Rose, raspberry leaf, myrrh.

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